Dance Intensive FAQ


Can I participate for only the lessons that I am interested in or must I adhere to the entire program?

Summer Dance Intensive's goal is to form versatile dancers and provide them with a wide range of techniques and discipline in ballet, modern/contemporary, and hip hop.  Furthermore, participating in a final performance creates a positive working condition, self confidence and a team spirit.

So students will be encouraged to participate in the entire program, however the final performance will reflect the particular interests and strengths of each student.

Will my son or daughter be dancing with other kids much older or younger?

Before every student arrives to camp on the first day, we speak with parents, students, and dance teachers (when applicable) to make certain your child is placed with other students of the same approximate age and experience level.   

My daughter has never danced, is this camp right for her?


My son is in 12th grade and has been dancing for several years.  He is advanced.  Is this camp right for him and what are the learning expectations?

Yes, all our core teachers are master teachers and very active as performers.  Our aim is to provide a fun, nurturing, and inspiring environment in order for every student to make significant progress in dance.

What do I need to bring to participate in the Dance Intensive Program?