Rock Camp FAQ

1.  Will my son or daughter be playing with other kids much older or younger?

Before every student arrives to camp on the first day, we speak with parents and music teachers to make certain your child is placed with other students of the same approximate age and experience level.  College age and older HS students will be placed together in an "Upper Rock School," and there will be a "middle rock school" and "lower rock school" for the younger students.  As a father of teenagers and as a teacher, I am keenly aware of how important it is for every student to be in a positive and enriching social environment.  

2.  Are the majority of students all male or female?

 Last year, approximately 60% of students were male, and 40% female.

3.  My daughter has never played an instrument, is this camp right for her?


4.  My son is in 12th grade and playing with his school band.  He is advanced.  Is this camp right for him and what are the learning expectations?

Yes, all our core teachers are master teachers with music degrees from (Rutgers, Manhattan School of Music, Berklee, Julliard, etc..) and very active as performers.  Our aim is to provide a fun, nurturing, and inspiring environment in order for every student to make significant progress on his or her instrument.

5.   Is the camp held outside or inside?

Both.  We are outside about 60-70% of the time (weather permitting), and inside for music tech classes and for certain ensembles and lessons.  If it's uncomfortably hot, we will bring the students inside.

6.   Is there any way I could speak with parents whose children attended last year's Rock Camp?

Please call us at (908) 230-6079, and we can email you a list of references.

7.  Can my child learn more than one instrument?

Yes, students can learn and try out up to two instruments, in addition to singing.

8.  My child does not play an instrument that is very popular in rock bands (flute, trombone, violin, etc...). Will he or she still be able to receive private/semi-private lessons?

Yes.  We have long roster of adjunct teachers that are incorporated into our camp when needed.