Our Goal

Our goal is for every musician, whether a beginner or advanced student, to finish Rock Camp having signficantly improved upon their musical skills, repertoire, and their love of music.  Our class sizes are large enough to ensure everyone has fun and makes friends, and yet small enough so that every student gets the attention he or she needs to achieve their full potential.  We want every students to have an experience filled with fun, friendship, and an inspiring time learning about all things music!


Rock Camp CurriculuM



(9-9:30)  Morning Group Hand-on Warmup: Rhythm, Harmony, Vocal, Ensembles

(10-10:45) Lessons (private or semi-private)

(10:45-Noon) Ensembles  

(12-12:30) Lunch

(12:30-1) "Stretch Out Activities": Outdoor Activities, Student Jam Sessions                                                    


(1-1:45) Electives:  Songwriting, Film Scoring, Music Tech/Recording,Workshops, Special Projects

(1:45 - 2:15) Lessons (private or semi-private)

(2:15-3) Afternoon Ensembles (different group than morning)

Fridays, 1:30 pm      Student Concert


Whether you are experienced or new to music, students will learn new found skills, make friends,and gain confidence on their instrument(s) in a fun and supportive environment with master teachers.  This camp is open to students from 8 - 19, and accepts all instrumentalists and vocalists.

Musicians will learn to play with others and explore music from the roots of rock-roll through the music of today (Beatles, Adele, Green Day, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, Rolling Stones, U2, Jimmy Hendrix, the Black Keys, Twenty One Pilots, and many other artists from years ago to today.

Students will have lessons in the morning and afternoon, play in a number of bands, perform in student concerts, choose from a number of electives (Song Writing, Music Tech, Improvisation, Composing for Film, Advanced Harmony, Reading/Writing Workshop, Transcription Workshop, and More), and participate in a number of music workshops.

Students will be grouped based upon age and level of experience, and will be placed in the "upper, middle, or lower rock school."  Upon the conclusion of each weekly session, the musicians will demonstrate their new found skills at our Friday Concert Series.