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Thank you to all of the amazing musicians and dancers

who participated on Rock Camp and Dance Intensive 2019 this July and August.

Keep exploring, learning, and making your mark in everything you do!

See you next summer!

Rock Camp & Dance intensive, bridgehampton, ny - august 5th - 9th


I don't know where to begin...I wish I could put 10 stars!  Steve, Taylor, Tyler, Mike, Sonia, and Nikki were all incredible instructors...and more importantly - warm-hearted, nice individuals!  My son enrolled in 2 weeks of Rock Camp and it was not enough!  He would have gone all summer if it was an option.  This was the best camp experience of his life!  And quite possibly one of the best times in his life all-around! - Liz G (Parent)


Rock Camp


In Rock Camp, students study a large range of musical styles, learn how to improvise, play in ensembles, learn songwriting, read/write music, record with a laptop and microphones, learn music technology, and have lessons in the morning and afternoon.  Students may study up to two instruments (including voice), and our students range in ages from 8-19.  No prior experience is required.  Students perform a concert at the end of every week for parents, friends and the public. By the end of camp, all students gain a whole new level of confidence in their musical abilities, in addition to having a week of fun and new friendships.  

For our older and more experienced musicians, AP Rock Camp is offered, which prepares students for professional performances/recitals, and offers in depth classes in recording, reading, harmony and improvisation, song writing, and many other electives.

The faculty at RC are active performers, performing throughout the country and internationally, and are college/conservatory professors.  We approach teaching from a variety of angles, encompassing the interests of the students into our style, to ensure  every student reaches an entirely new level of understanding and ability on his or her instrument in a very social and fun environment!


Dance Intensive

Dance Intensive was created to help young dancers achieve greatness in dance while making new friends and having fun.  Students in Dance Intensive study three areas of dance: ballet, hip hop, and modern in the morning session.  In the afternoon session there are masterclasses and electives in jazz, tap, salsa, choreography, and improvisation.

Our guest artist this summer is Barry Kerollis.  Kerollis is an award-winning choreographer and renowned instructor, bringing a diverse background to share with students and professionals across the New York dance scene.

In Dance Intensive, students work with professional dancers and choreographers to learn new skills, master the fundamentals, and rehearse a performance for the public.  At the end of the week, there is a dance recital illustrating all that was learned during the week.  Students will work with a variety of teachers and visiting guest artists to reach a new level of technique and artistry in dance.  Students range in ages from 8-19.

For our more experienced dancers, AP Dance Intensive is offered, which dedicates time for the teachers and students to work on achieving particular technical and artistic goals.

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Our Purpose

Rock Camp and Dance Intensive bring the most talented musicians and dancers from NYC and New Jersey to work with young musicians and dancers who are either new to music/dance or wish to master their craft while having a summer of fun and friendship.  

Our world class faculty bring their passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to students 8-19 years old, beginners-advanced, as well students with no prior musical experience.  Our aim is to inspire students to greatness in our music and dance camps, all the while having fun and gaining new experiences.  

Our NYC music camp is located at the  Bloomingdale School of Music (W.108th, Broadway/Reiverside).  Our New Jersey music camp is at Acorn Montessori in Lebanon, and our summer music camp in the Hamptons is located at the Bridgehampton School.  Dance Intensive is located at the Bridgehampton School.

What makes our music and dance camps different?  1.  All of the faculty are active performers and teachers.  2.  Every student receives an incredible amount of attention throughout the week to ensure he or she is thriving, whether at beginner, intermediate, or advanced level.  3.  Students gain an inner confidence that comes with public performance, playing in ensembles, learning choreography, and learning music/dance.  4.  We think it's important to have an atmosphere that includes fun and friendship along side of music and dance.


To all of the musicians who just completed Rock Camp in New Jersey, you all did a phenomenal job! Keep learning, stay curious, and we will see you soon!! Best, Mike, Steve, Tyler, Keaton, Matt, Stephen, Anthony

We are so proud Full House, students of NJ Rock Camp, will be performing at the Come Together event in downtown Clinton, NJ this Friday July 5th at 7 pm. Come out and enjoy their one of a kind sound!

Mike Noordzy, professor of music at Rutgers University and rock-n-roll guru on the guitar and bass, will be doing Rock Camp in New Jersey this year. Just a few weeks away to an amazing week of music!

Tracie Stanfield, of Broadway Dance Center in NYC, will be our guest artist this summer at Dance Intensive. Tracie’s specialty is contemporary lyrical and jazz. Here is a video of Tracie’s work.

RC faculty to perform in the Rockaway Jazz Festival, July 27!

- To accommodate our growing music and dance program at the Bridgehampton School, this year we will also have certain classes hosted at the Community House and Exhale (Dance/Yoga Studio), a five minute walk from our main campus. Details TBA in coming weeks.

- Great video on how the ground breaking musical, Hamilton, was created, check it out!

- Amazing video where Paul McCartney breaks down his most iconic tunes from the Beatles, check it out….from the source!

Rock Camp, NYC Campus at BSM, West 108th, Between Broadway and Riverside

Rock Camp, NYC Campus at BSM, West 108th, Between Broadway and Riverside

Rock Camp, Lebanon, New Jersey at Acorn Montessori School

Rock Camp, Lebanon, New Jersey at Acorn Montessori School

Rock Camp and Dance Intensive, Bridgehampton Campus at the Bridgehampton School

Rock Camp and Dance Intensive, Bridgehampton Campus at the Bridgehampton School