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June 26-30, Rock Camp, Lebanon, NJ

July 10-14, Rock Camp, Lebanon, NJ

July 17-21, Rock Camp/Dance Intensive, Bridgehampton, NY

Our Purpose


Hudson Music Studios brings the most talented musicians and dancers from the area to work with young musicians and dancers who are either new to music/dance or wish to master their craft while having a summer of fun and friendship.  We are a camp in New Jersey and New York created to inspire students to greatness in music and dance, all the while having fun and gaining new experiences. 


Rock Camp

In Rock Camp, students study a large range of musical styles, learn how to improvise, play in ensembles, learn songwriting, read/write music, record with a laptop and microphones, learn music technology, and have lessons in the morning and afternoon.  Students may study up to two instruments (including voice), and our students range in ages from 7-19.  No prior experience is required.  Students perform a concert at the end of every week for parents, friends and the public. By the end of camp, all students gain a whole new level of confidence in their musical abilities, in addition to having a week of fun and new friendships.  

For our older and more experienced musicians, AP Rock Camp is offered, which prepares students for professional performances/recitals, and offers in depth classes in recording, reading, harmony and improvisation, song writing, and many other electives.


Dance Intensive

Dance Intensive was created to help young dancers achieve greatness in dance while making new friends and having fun.  Students in Dance Intensive study three areas of dance: ballet, hip hop, and modern.  

In Dance Intensive, students work with professional choreographers to learn new skills, master the fundamentals, and rehearse a performance for the public.  At the end of the week, there is a dance recital illustrating all that was learned during the week.    Students range in ages from 7-19.

For our more experienced dancers, AP Dance Intensive is offered, which dedicates time for the teachers and students to work on achieving particular technical and artistic goals.