Music Testimonials


Just wanted to let you know that Jake loved Rock Camp! He learned a lot and just loved the whole environment.  He now wants to take piano lessons so I am hoping you could recommend a few teachers.  - M.K. (Parent)

My son, Carter, really enjoyed the rock camp this summer!  We found you from your display at Communiversity.  I have since told a lot of parents about the camp!  - T.H. (Parent)

My son (12 years old) attended the Rock Camp last year in NYC and had an incredible and inspiring experience there. My son plays drum set and piano and was able to use both instruments to participate in various groups. After the last day performance, my son immediately expressed excitement for next year. He learned a lot about playing in a band from the teachers and also made friends with kids his age with the same interest in music. This was a valuable experience for my son and I would recommend this camp to any child interested in music and playing and learning from others. - A.P.R. (Parent)

My son was in Rock Camp this past summer.  He and his friends absolutely had a blast!!  In fact, a few parents told me that of all the camps their kids have gone to over the years, it was the BEST! - S.P. (Parent)

You provide such a wonderful opportunity for those who want to try to "spread their wings" and push themselves to do something different in the musical arena.  School bands are great, but here they get to experiment and are given the freedom to be truly creative.  We LOVE that. Plus your teachers are just way cool!  - E.R. (Parent)

Really an incredible camp that helped me to develop as a musician, performer, and a person. The staff is incredibly talented and welcoming. The mid day kickball camps are an added bonus plus you get to perform the music you love with your friends. Definitely the best camp I've ever attended! - B.T. (Student)

I brought my nephew in for a week from Colorado and enrolled him in Rock Camp with a neighbor's son. They had a fantastic time, loved the instructors and all the other kids. I appreciated the diversity of ages and talent levels that the teachers were able to meld together for what appears by every measure to have been a great success. The final performance showed us adults just how much of a good time was had by all. - S.L. (Parent)

My two sons have attended Steve Hudson's Rock Camp for years. They ask to go back they love it so much. As a parent, I love it because I see the care Steve takes to bring in the best mentors. They instructors have such enthusiasm, heart and talent to share. Every year I've seen the teachers take time to understand each student, figure out how best to reach them and then offer opportunities to grow as a musician and to build character. The end of camp concert always proves creative. I am always astounded by what the students, guided by their mentors, put together in just one week. - M.J. (Parent)