Summer Camp in the Hamptons

Rock Camp and Dance Intensive, a Summer Camp Experience Like No Other in the Hamptons and New Jersey

What makes Rock Camp the premier music camp in New Jersey? What makes a week of Rock Camp and Dance Intensive stand out as such a unique and amazing week of summer camp in the Hamptons?

A few things come to mind:

  1. Faculty.

    We seek the best teachers and performers from NYC and from conservatories/colleges from around the country. Essentially we look for teachers who are mastering their craft (pushing the envelope to further their artistic careers) and who also love teaching. Every teacher at RC and DI has these two qualities.

  2. Creating a Fun and Social Environment.

    OK, it’s summer! After spending a year in classrooms, we want our students making friends, spending time outside, and having a great time making music and working on dance. Whether a student is a beginner or an advanced student, we make sure everyone is inspired to achieve an entirely new level in the music and dance abilities, while also having a great time along the way!

  3. It’s all About the Student.

    Every student is unique in his or her talent, and learns differently. This is why every day after camp lets out, we have a faculty meeting and speak about every student, making certain the student is getting what or she needs. Why don’t we have these students create a trio during lunch, and perform at the end of the end of the week? Does this student need extra attention in this area? How about choreographing a new piece this dance faculty member and these students? How can this student be inspired to achieve the next level in terms of repertoire, technique, artistic expression, and confidence? We are asking these type of questions and discussing solutions every day. We stay nimble during the day to make these mini-changes so every student is having an amazing experience at Rock Camp and Dance Intensive.